Saturday, November 24, 2018

Being Thankful

With Thanksgiving weekend coming to a close I have been doing some blessed I am, we are....

This past year has found us traveling from Texas to Utah and back to Texas.  We have been able to visit family in Oregon and Arizona and work in Utah and Texas.

We have faced some hard times ~ Ron being diagnosed with breast cancer and making plans, revising plans and making even more plans.

But through each day we are blessed and surrounded by those who love us,
maybe not closely surrounded
but with the help of technology family is as close as the phone or laptop.

As many of you know I love to cook and entertain but this year our entertaining has been different...we made a traditional Thanksgiving dinner
and served our drivers...and they were so appreciative. 

We are already talking about Christmas dinner and what we can make to serve the drivers...what is your favorite thing to eat on Christmas Day?

I thought of the many friends we have made over the year and even though I didn't call everyone we thought about, know we are so thankful for all who have been a part of our lives and continue to be.

As you move forward into the Christmas Holiday Season,
remember Christ is the reason for the season
and to share a smile with those you come into contact never know what others are dealing with and that smile may be just what they need!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Breast Cancer Awareness Month ~ heartfelt truth

Unless you are a hermit you know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Don't get me wrong, yes people need to be aware and after Ron's diagnosis and treatment my own thinking as increased and even changed.

A friend of mine posted the following on Facebook and did it get a response from me.  With Danette's permission I am sharing it here:

From a cancer fighting friend:

While the majority of people believe that Breast Cancer is a pink ribbon, a pink Pom Pom, a pen with a pink ribbon, a tote with a pink ribbon, an encap at your local Walmart engaging you to be a “part of the cure. 
First, a hard reality, you are not being part of the cure, you’re just throwing your money away to propaganda, uniforms for NFL cheerleaders, and kiosk after kiosk with items from handbags to ziplock bags. It’s all a hoax. Susan G Komen is the worst offender. They are not trying to fight the cure. Most of their funding goes to advertisement, 6 figure CEO salaries. And when I asked for help, I wasn’t given any, DENIED. Denied by the very people who claimed they would help me in their “advertising”. A pink ribbon isn’t the men and women fighting for their lives with metastatic breast cancer. I cannot comprehend how people can not grasp the simple concept that if you cure stage 4 you cure them all. It’s that simple. You will not have to worry about dying because, there’s a cure if you get to that point. 
Breast cancer is often very sexualized. Showing models with fake scars, beautiful bodies and breasts with the strap so perfectly dangling from her shoulder. That’s not what Breast cancer is. It’s CTs, surgeries, amputations, biopsies, MRIs, X-rays, radiation, chemo, IVs, blood tests, fear, worry, hate, anger, confusion, sadness, loneliness, medications, check ups, anxiety, depression, insomnia, pain. It’s so much more than a pink snickers bar because it “supports us! 
We do not receive free boob jobs. We have reconstruction. Expanders placed to stretch your skin to fit the implants, complications, tram flap surgeries, sometimes our bodies reject the implants, some choose to go flat, some reconstructions are amazing and look fabulous, some look completely deformed. However, in no way did any of us receive a free boob job. We amputated them and had foreign objects placed in our skin to resembles the breasts we once had. We tattoo our nipples on, we get prosthetic ones, or we go with out. But none of it was free. 
Save the Tatas, save 2nd base, no bra day with a bunch of nipples poking out in no way supports those with Breast Cancer. 
This is what a lot of cancer really looks like!

Pink isn’t pretty, it’s not a ribbon and it definitely doesn’t help us!
If you want to do something to truly help. Donate to someone in YOUR community needing help!! 

There is so much truth in the above post and as the wife of a wonderful man who has recently dealt with the diagnosis, surgery and ongoing treatments a lot of thoughts run through my mind...

Yes...women need to be checked but the word needs to get out that MEN get breast cancer too!!!  I have watched my hubby struggle with how to tell someone he has breast cancer, the looks he gets like "you (a man) has breast cancer"  oh come on, the struggle of watching him be the only male in a room full of women in a clinic that is frequented by women who then look at him like "what are you doing in here?  this is for women" and even seen professionals look quizzically at him when he tells him his diagnosis.  And then trying to find financial help...there are lots of websites and links saying "help with breast cancer needs" and then calling or writing and being told "we only help women, we don't have the means to help a man" over and over is so frustrating.  

It hurts my heart to see my wonderful strong hubby struggle with issues that are common to women: physical appearance, hearing him say he won't ever go to a public pool again or how he thinks our grands are going to think he's ugly with that nasty scar...the scar runs from the center of his chest to under his arm pit...there is not reconstructive surgery for me, or the emotional issues of taking a medication which has side effects of hot flashes and extreme emotional reactions.  My husband has always been a sensitive person and now those emotions are extreme which bothers him at makes me hurt for my hubby.

October is almost half over
and the ads for breast cancer are in full swing on the television.
Just once I would like to see an ad with a man saying men get breast cancer, its not just a woman's disease.

Just once I would like to contact a foundation for helping those with breast cancer and not be questioned or told no ~ we don't have resources for men. 

So as you hear and see about breast cancer awareness in the days and weeks to come, remind people men should be checked as well, men get breast cancer too!

When you think about helping someone with a cancer diagnosis, don't just think globally, think of your neighbor or co-worker or a friend of a friend,
help locally when you can!!!

This post is important to me and yet it feels disjointed to me as I hopefully those who are reading this can understand what I'm talking about.

I googled 
Breast Cancer Awareness


and everything is PINK,
talks about women,

no mention of 

so I ask that if you hear someone talk about breast cancer,
just mention that men should be checked as well

and if you hear someone, anyone is dealing with cancer, 
cancer of any kind,
DO something to support them,
don't just say "call if you need anything"
(heck we (those dealing with and partner of someone) don't even know what we need)
but DO something,
send a card,
stop by,
bring a meal,
drop a check in the mail, 
say a prayer,


Saturday, September 15, 2018

Admitting the Truth!

Being truthful and honest is so very important to me...
I hate to be lied too...
and consider myself an honest person


in the last few weeks I was being dishonest
with myself!!!

As most of you know
I have Type 2 Diabetes,
seem to be constantly on a diet
of some sort

and yet two weeks ago 
I had a little come to Jesus meeting with myself

I was in the frame of mind
about what I was eating,
how I was eating,
or when I was eating.

I also spend a lot of money on 
medication to keep my diabetes in check

in reality
I was sabotaging myself,
hurting myself
and wasting a lot of money

and hurting not only myself
but in the long run would be hurting those I care the most about

and so I had this little 
 "come to Jesus meeting with myself"

and thought back to 10 years ago
when I was suicidal,
struggling with feeling okay with myself,
loving myself
and caring about myself

and I took
"suicide" off the table

And realized that
self-destructive behavior
appears in many different forms
and the way I was eating
was a form of self-destructive behavior
and I took it off the table so many years ago
but here it was 
once again, just in a different form

and it had to come off the table
again, forever!!!

And so I shared with a friend,
that my Blood Sugar numbers had been high
and I knew why and I had to stop.
No one can do it for me,
but me.

So six days ago I made the commitment
to stop eating when I go to bed...
yes, I could eat 2 cups of pretzels
or bags of chips or licorice or ????

and I told my friend
to ask me any time
and so for the last six nights I have not 
eaten anything when I've gone to bed!!!

And God has blessed me in that
my BS numbers have been right where they
need to be and I'm feeling better
not only physically
but emotionally

thankful that I was able to recognize,
and change my negative behavior.  

And that leads right into
what I feel the Lord
has been challenging me to be and to see

in my language
in my actions
in my behaviors

So today I am thankful
to acknowledge
how much the Lord loves me

He gives me second chances,
and He blesses me over and over!!!


And He allows me to bless others and not know the why and how
and then He shows me...

Two weeks ago we found out that one of our drivers was a new
Grandpa to a baby girl and so I quickly got busy and made
 for Juan and his grandbaby girl.

I was able to give Juan the blanket this morning
and he started crying, his wife has carpel tunnel
and is not able to crochet anymore and had said to him she wished
she had a baby girl blanket to give their new grandbaby...
now how cool is that that God led me to make that
blanket and its an answer to someone else's prayer!!!

God is so Good!!!!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2018

What's Up?

Hey there!!

What's Up with the Workentin's??

~ Ron saw the oncologist yesterday ~ goes back in 4 months!!!  Doctor is pleased at the healing process, reminded Ron to remain friends with the Big T and see you in 4 months!!!  Best news ever!!!

~ Decisions ~ with the expenses of Ron's surgery/medical care we have decided to stay in the Oil Patch thru April 27, 2019 so that we can pay off all our bills (old & new) before we get back on the road).  It was not the easiest of decisions has we were so looking forward to being in San Diego for Max graduation from Marine Basic Training, seeing family and friends in Arizona, California, Oregon and Washington, being in Blaine for Thanksgiving and Florida for Christmas
we are thankful for this job we have during this season of life
and so we have decided to stay put for another 8 months.

This works great too for follow up for Ron's doctor appointments!!!
Ron sees the oncologist the end of December,
the surgeon in February
and will probably see both of them again in April before we hit the road.

~ One of the things that Ron enjoys doing is
planning trips.
Right now he has us traveling for 146 days!!! Leaving Pecos on April 28, 2019

I have been keeping busy working on different crochet projects:
made a headband for one of the drivers little girl,
working on a tank top for me,
dish cloths ~ donated 6 to an auction for a friends church,
made a lap blanket ~ sending that one to Whatcom County Hospice
planning projects for the future:
(some to sell, some as gifts)
If you would like to order something to be made, 
let me know, prices upon request
2 tank tops for friends ~ 
twin size blanket for a friends daughter ~ 
more dishcloths ~  
more headbands ~ 
pony tail beanie caps ~ 
beanie hats ~ 
pony tail holders ~ 
Christmas ornaments ~
lap blankets (rectangle or square) ~
baby blankets ~
guess that will keep me busy for awhile.

Take care, 
remember to smile
and keep trusting God in all things!!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2018


Verse image

they come and go,
sometimes expected, sometimes not

This week in August
is always full of memories,
some that just envelope me in warmth
and others where the tears run freely

We celebrate the birthday of Jamie.

Jamie at 5 Weeks.

Jamie at 1 Year

Jamie, SR Year of High School

Lots of memories, most of them happy,
some scary ~ like when he had his first seizure at 15 months,
some frustrating ~ like when he skipped school and got into a car accident,
some delightful ~ being a part of his wedding and the birth of his daughter,

Hard to believe that our little 3 lb 12 oz, 19 3/4" baby boy,
long and skinny
is now 41 years old, married, has a daughter,
owns his own home,
and brings lots of joy to his family.

Memories of a sad/difficult time
Our precious baby boy,
Royce Alan
was only with us for three short days.
Hard to believe it has been 41 years since
we have seen his dark hair, chubby cheeks,
he weighed in at 4lbs 8oz, 18"
his own little being
or even been able to give a hug or a kiss.
We miss him every day.
And we cherish those three days of memories.

This morning
I opened my scripture for the day
and this popped up.

Verse image

We have traveled some dark and difficult days
but through it all
Jesus has guided our steps,
walked with us,
carried us
and planted us where we need to be 
for every given moment.

And for that we are very thankful.

We love you Royce!!!

And we are so thankful for our family
Treyson, Brandon, Ron, Ali, Alexander, Jamie, Opal
down front, Christopher
(missing Suzanne and Danalyn ~ our two daughters in love)

High School SR 2017

What are you thankful for today?

Friday, August 10, 2018

God's Timing

I get a picture scripture every morning and this morning this showed up in my email:
And immediately I felt warm cuddles from my Abba Father!!!

God's timing is perfect....

Yesterday I got a note from a sweet friend that said she had been thinking about me as she knows this week is not an easy time for me.

God's timing is perfect....

In the wee hours of the morning on Tuesday,
we got a phone call from our son, Jamie.
His 41st birthday!

He always calls us as soon as he gets up
and sometimes even at the minute he was born...
one special memory was I was in the hospital with pneumonia,
Jamie was in Iraq
and my cell phone vibrated at 2:41 am
August, 8
and it was Jamie!!!
He didn't know I was in the hospital
but he knew he wanted to call me for his birthday!!

God's timing is perfect....

I received an email earlier in the week from another dear friend,
saying I had been pretty quiet lately...
I think I have been recuperating in my own way
from the emotional and physical roller coaster
we have been on for the past two months.

God's timing is perfect....

This time of year is full of ambivalent emotions...
we celebrate the birthday of Jamie,
hard to believe that little baby boy,
born 8 1/2 weeks early
is now a 41 year old 
healthy, happy, husband and dad!!

And yet at the same time,
tears are on the edge,
thinking of Royce,
who will always be a baby in our heart,
only here for a short time,
but an impact on our life just the same.
And we wonder what type of man he would be today.

and so
we mourn for the loss of our precious baby,
comforted to know that he rests in the arms of Jesus.

And we celebrate the life of Jamie,
and all he has accomplished!!!

we are blessed beyond measure!!!!

Monday, July 30, 2018

Seeing is Believing!!!

Image result for god's perfect timing

Living our Life 
always seems to have it's challenges
but doesn't everyone?

It is hard to believe that 
we have been married for 42 1/2 years...
who would have thunk?

We know a few people who didn't think our marriage would last
but we did!!!
How you ask??

Because just over 42 years ago,
Ron and I gave our marriage to the Lord,
in the back of our little red pickup.
I would say Datsun but some of you wouldn't have a clue what a Datsun was.

Just know it was a small little pickup
sort of like this one,
though ours was red with a raised canopy on it
Image result for 1975 datsun pickup with a shell
we liked that little red truck

except of course when Ron's brother, John along with a few other friends put it up on blocks on our wedding day!!!

And because of God,
our love for God 
and our love for each other
we have been married 42+ years!!!

When we moved to Waco, TX in Summer of 2016 we had our "5 year plan"
work for 5 years, 
buy another motor home
and get  back to full time RV living.

Well that was our plan,
but not necessarily God's plan.

When we lost our job at MCH in October 2017 we decided to go back to full time RV living then, we had the trailer
and so that is what we did!!

We began applying for workamping type jobs; you know at campgrounds.  Ron was done with being a home parent and neither of us really wanted to go back to being managers of a 55+ community...heck we could live in one if we wanted too!!

So we accepted a job at Hi~Road Campground in Mt. Carmel, UT just outside of Zion National Park.
We planned to be there through October 2018
One of the many beautiful views from our trailer.
But working in the high altitude,
doing a job we weren't hired to do,
we felt it was time to move on.

So back to Texas we headed
as Gate Guards!!!
the blue dot is where we are located.
On the corner of 516 & 3398 in Barstow, TX
where there is dust, dust and more dust!!!

Image result for perfect place quotes

And it is the perfect place for us,
for today,
for such a time as this.

You see,
this is the easiest job we could ever ask for 
especially with what we have faced in the last 55 days.

When we first found out Ron had breast cancer and had to have surgery,
our minds did wonder how it would affect our job.
But we couldn't have asked to have a better job 
for such a time as this.

The surgeon asked Ron if he did any lifting for his job.
Ron replied "I pick up a clipboard, a few pieces of paper, a pencil and then take about 250 steps, give or take 10 or so, write down what truck has pulled in, filled in some boxes and walk back the 250 steps or so to our little home on wheels.

She told Ron "that's perfect, once you stop taking pain pills you can go back to work."

Ron has surgery on 
Wednesday, July 18,
recuperated for about 24 hours
and then we returned to our little home on wheels
and relaxed and slept for the next two days.

On Sunday, July 22
Ron returned to work
moving a bit slower,
but working and we are so thankful
for the job that the Lord opened the door for us
to be here in Texas
as such a time as this...
...being able to work and rest as needed while recuperating from 
his surgery!!!

and for that we give 
Image result for thanks

Image result for ecclesiastes 3
Image result for god's timing is always perfect

And so we can say without a doubt,
that each and every day we see how
God is taking care of us,
providing for us, 
and we will continue to trust and believe in HIM

Image result for god has never failed me

We are blessed beyond measure
and are so thankful 
that Ron continues to recover from his surgery
and we look forward to see

Being Thankful

With Thanksgiving weekend coming to a close I have been doing some blessed I am, we are.... This past year has found us ...