Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Change of Shift

We made it through the week!!

And after running a couple of errands and changing our plans for the day we came back to the Ranch and took a much needed nap.  For anyone who has known me for any length of time, you know I not only like to sleep I NEED my sleep!!
I have found I NEED between 7 and 8 hours of sleep to be able to function at 100 % or better.
Over the past week I had 
2 nights less than 6
3 nights less than 7 
and two nights of over 9 hours (those happened to be Friday and Saturday nights which is really good on a weekend)
But 5 Nights with less than 7 hours of sleep makes for one tired house mama!!

And so today we got in a good nap!!
Slept about 3 hours and it felt great!!

It was worth changing our plans
so we can start fresh tomorrow to enjoy our six days off!

What goes hand in hand with lack of sleep
is no time for writing.
We are on duty from 6 am to at least 10 pm with face-to-face time with the boys.
And when one is home sick, 
one gets suspended,
days full of meetings,
trying to get class work/home work completed before deadline
no time for writing.

And that is something I just need to remember.
So I am going to give myself permission
to not stress about not writing on our weeks on duty.

And that is okay 
(for me to remember!!!)

So stay tuned and let's see what I can write about this week.

Today I am thankful that our work week has come to an end
and all-in-all it has been a good week.
Had a couple of great talks with R and J
and only two melt-downs from C!

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