Monday, November 21, 2016

Life Goes On

I know my last post sounded like I was ready to run
and run fast

I stopped, we stopped
and prayed
and talked with good friends
and our bosses

and took a week off
and heard the Lord say

and after staying quiet, resting, praying,
laying low due to cough
and spending time in the Word

we know we are here for such a time as this.

Days may not always be easy but we know 
we are never alone.

Someone saw this
as my profile picture
and said how happy we look
and you know what

We are happy,
we are happy where the Lord has brought us,
we are thankful for our health
(which is good most of the time)
we are thankful for health insurance,
doctors who take that insurance,
we love our children and grandchildren
and can't wait to see them the end of
November and December
we are thankful for our little apartment,
co-workers who love the Lord,
bosses who support us all the time,
even when we feel like handing in the key
and they just keep encouraging us

but most of all
I am thankful
for a husband who loves me 
through the thick and thin,
tears and laughter
and most of all,
all my quirkiness!

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  1. Knew you could do it (with the help of the Lord).


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