Monday, July 25, 2016

Two days down and two more to get to Texas

What a few crazy days it has been ~~~

Saturday, July 23 ~ Brandon, Max, Ron, along with the help of Christopher, Treyson and Alex the truck got loaded.  We had requested a 22' truck and they upgraded us to a 26' truck.  We had lots of room left over.  

Saturday also foound me 
finishing this afghan
(yes it's huge ~ it is on a California King Bed)

for this sweet couple
Brandon & Danalyn

It took me over a year to get it completed.
So happy they like it!!

Sunday ~ July 24 

We took off at 8:47 am and ended up in Twin Falls, ID for the night.

Monday ~ July 25

What a day it has been!!!
Got off a little later than we planned.
Decided to put our toes in the Great Salt Lake 
but alas

what we expected

and what we actually saw

felt very bummed
and then frustrated
with myself

and then we decided to look for a place to stop about 5:30
and pulled into Price, Utah
at 5:45p
and then realized I have no credit card!!!
It is no where to be found,
so called my bestie, Dee,
she made a couple of suggestions,
Ron filled the truck and the Expedition with gas,
made a trip to Walmart
drove thru KFC for dinner
found a hotel
got checked in and then it was 8:30p!!!

Balanced the checkbook,
texted Dee, again and again,
oh, yes, ate dinner,
sent a couple more texts
and wrote this blog post!

And now we are going to bed ~
oh there was no hot tub ~ that made Ron sad.

So now we really are going to bed!!

On to day 3 tomorrow.  

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