Thursday, May 26, 2016

Have You Ever?

Have you ever wanted to just throw up your hands and say "I give" or "I quit?"

That's where I am right now.
Life seems so full of ups and downs and twisty curves.
I know 
and I believe it.

Though right now I am struggling.
I pray/we pray
we feel we are following the Lord's plans
and yet 
right now 
I just want to scream 
"Lord what is going on?"

Feeling like we are being jerked around and around the mulberry bush.
Not sure who to trust,
not sure who we could call,
not sure who we can ask questions of
Right now, not sure of anything.


1 comment:

  1. We are a bit different on our some it may seem like a big difference BUT to me it's really no difference. We do not pray the bible...we do not quote the bible. We were raised Catholic...which put a bitter taste in our mouths so now we hold on to the faith in a higher power...some call it God we prefer to just believe that we can do anything we believe that we can if we just follow our hearts! Life is tough and there will always be challenges but it's up to YOU to change them...waiting on anyone even God is not an option to us. We believe that being a good person is not always easy but it's about covering your ass sometimes because if you don't nobody else will. If it doesn't feel right just don't do it. You know what is right for you guys...stop hiding behind the bible and trust in know the answers...just do it! We love you guys and hope you find your way!


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