Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Whirlwind of Fun!!!

Sitting here in the motor home trying to decide do I write a blog post or do I just go to bed.  I am tired with a capital T!!

But we sure had fun getting there.

Our friends,
Mike & Chris came into town on Tuesday evening.

We met up with them at Grand Country Music Hall for lunch and then went to see the 

We laughed and laughed.  Having seats in the front row make for a fun show.

And me ~ I forgot to get any pictures :(

After the show we popped over to 

to get some power on
(in layman's terms ~ we each got an adjustment from Dr. Bo)

And then over to the
for some delicious appetizers.
Warning:  be careful the Hot & Honey Wings are HOT!!!!

and then it was back to Grand Country for the 

And what fun we had!!!

Here are a few pictures 

Clarification on this picture ~ Ron was taking the picture, 
not once, not twice, not three times
BUT four times!!!
To get one picture.
Jamie told Chris, I could have drawn it by now ;)

And then the real fun began


You will have to wait till tomorrow!!

to hear the details!!!

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