Monday, July 14, 2014

Rambling Thoughts

Sure wish I could figure out why I can't post a title on my blog posts.

Do you notice anything different...
yep I changed the name of my blog and the colors
...using my favorite colors.  

I also merged all my blogs into one.

I have been using a couple of different devotions and both spoke to me today.
The first one is from The Duck Commander Devotional and is found in Romans 15:4
And I am reminded that when I have questions, concerns, doubts or ??? 
all I need to do is turn to the Word and
He Will Guide Me!!!

And then from Proverbs 31 Devotionals
and that no matter what I am dealing with, 
thinking about, anticipating or even dreading
the Lord is with me each step of the way
along this journey of life.

Thank you Lord for all the ways you show me, teach me and love me!

A couple of people have asked 
"what have you been up to?"

Not a whole lot is my first response
but in reality life is full every day.

This past week we have gone swimming multiple times
and look forward to many more days of swimming.  
Can't say we lounge at the pool but many evenings find us locking the door to the office at 5 PM or so and then spending an hour or more swimming, treading water, talking
and just being together enjoying each other and where we are.

Last Wednesday we went on a drive, sorry no pics ~ forgot the camera !!
We love to go for rides and right now with the great weather we have been having, Ron has taken the top off the Jeep...I call it his two-seater motorcycle with doors.  We drove out to G.U.M.I. Camp ~ 
here is David...working hard at GUMI Camp
they are on target to open to our first Veterans on May 31, 2015!!!

On Thursday we went to 
White Water
Image result for white water branson
and spent a lot of time in this wave pool.  
Liberty was with us while her momma and daddy were at the doctor's
getting their weekly check up on Miss Lily Mae.
It was not the sunniest day we have had here in Branson
but enough that all three of us got a bit of a sunburn.
And yep, I forgot the sunscreen :(
Thank you Jamie & Derrick for the tickets!!!

Friday, Saturday and Sunday 
found us busy here at the campground.
We have lots of guests here in the campground.
It is exciting to see so many people enjoying this beautiful corner of the world.

Friday night Ron and Ronnie went to Grand Country for the Branson USA show.  
Teresa and I stayed home as neither one of us were feeling very good.
Saturday was one of the hottest days we have had this year
~~ yep we spent almost two hours in the pool after work ~~

Sunday afternoon was busy getting ready to celebrate
Lily Mae & Liberty
with Jamie & Derrick

Here is one of the babies that made an appearance
Jamie & Miss Lily Mae

Baby Food Tasting

and opening presents
(the yellow blanket is what I made for Lily_

and that has been our week.

We hope each of you have had a great week.

PS ~ forgot one thing
Many of you know that I have been tired/exhausted all the time,
you will be happy to know I have a doctors appointment this
coming Thursday...if you care to pray for me and that appointment
I would sure appreciate it.

Thanks for reading!!!

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