Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Do you ever think "yep, that's what I need to do." and then you read something in your Bible and then wonder "Am I doing what I need to do?" and then find yourself asking "But what about XYZ?"
If not, good for you 
because right now that is where I find myself.

I could not sleep,
tossed, turned, flipped over,
turned back the other way
and finally after over an hour
I just got up...
...thinking I need to talk to God.

And my devotion this morning was from 
Matthew 18:21~35
and it leaves me 

As I ponder and think 
about a specific situation
which has nothing to do with forgiveness
I wonder really what should I do.

People say
and then they don't do what they say 
they are going to do.

and then
I realize

and now I know
I am able to forgive someone
for not keeping their word,
for not following through on what they said they would do
but in life there are logical consequences to
actions people take or don't take
and so today
will be a hard day
but through it all
I know God is with me,
He knows what is right 
and what is wrong.

And I know what I need to do.
Yes it may be difficult
and the People Pleaser in me
hates to ruffle the feathers
Tough Love
needs to happen.

So Lord I ask that you help me today,
to choose the right words,
to not get angry with others or myself
but to step out in faith
and know I am doing what I need to do.

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