Thursday, July 17, 2014


24 hours makes a big difference
I am not so 
any more

I am totally 

I guess I need to 

It is so hard to reach out,
help someone
and then get
totally used
wonder why???

Why is it so hard for people to be honest?
Why is it easier to lie?
Why is it easier to hide the truth?

I wish I had the answer to those questions.

Now I have to 
remind myself
over and over
not everyone is a liar,
not everyone is deceitful,

just because three of the last four people
we have helped 
have disappointed me
doesn't mean that everyone will.

I need to remember the good 
that has come from the one that truly
wanted to better themselves,
have made great positive choices
and moved forward.

Now I need to 
spend time with the Lord
and ask the Lord to 
forgive me for the anger and frustration 
from yesterday
and to realize and remember 

Now to look for the good!!!

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