Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Rambling Thoughts

The last couple of nights I have had trouble falling asleep.
It is what it is but at the same time it's hard if I don't sleep then it means Ron doesn't get to sleep at a good time either.

The last two nights I have been tired when I go to bed
but sleep just doesn't come,
I know I'm fighting an infection of some kind and I am sure that is contributing to not sleeping well.

I find myself writing letters to many different people 
in my  mind
Dr. Phil,
Jamie & Brandon,
my sister, Joanie,
aunts and uncles
I find myself praying
and then get frustrated when my mind wanders
and I have no clue how I got from praying 
to thinking about York peppermints.

I have lots of things to be working on
...but I find myself playing on my phone,
putting together puzzles,
playing Solitaire
or Mahjong

I have a To Do List that 
is growing
and the countdown is on...
...we only have 132 days till we leave on our trip...
and yet I find myself 
just vegging,
and who knows what else.

I haven't been crocheting much
and yet have so many projects to do...
...mail the granddaughter her slippers,
finish grandson #3's slippers,
make a friend's tank top,
finish the granddaughter's birthday present,
a graduation blanket waiting to be made,
an anniversary blanket
and who knows what else...
...oh all the Christmas projects for 2019!!

I know I'm rambling,
I'm frustrated as I can't find
some important documents that I need,
...enough rambling I guess...

maybe the next post will be a bit more informative!!

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