Saturday, August 12, 2017

Celebrating August Special Days


You think of parties, cake, smiles.
But what do you do when the special days are filled with not only
laughter, fun and joy
but also filled with
tears, what if?

Every August
my heart swarms with love for our boys that were born on 
August 8, 1977

Royce Alan
Ronald James (Jamie), Jr.

Jamie turned 40! this year!!
Jamie and Ron, Missouri 2015
We were so glad that Jamie was able to join us in May 2015 for 5 days 
at the grand opening of GUMI Camp USA

So many memories of Jamie,
~ 110' the day he was born
~ his first plane ride when he was 4 months old!
~ first day of kindergarten, going by the name "Ronald"
~ first day of 1st grade, wouldn't answer when the teacher called him "Ronald"
~ the 2' Christmas story with his 3rd grade teacher, Cory Crawford
~ numerous wrecks in our cars
~ first dates, first cars,
~ soccer, wrestling, track & field in high school
~ going to the Job Corps
~ joining the Army
~ spending 13 months in Kuwait & Iraq
~ becoming a daddy
~ becoming a husband
~ buying his first home
~ tickets to concerts

and so many more!!!!


And then
August 11 comes

of precious memories
your dark hair,
your chubby cheeks,
your soft skin

Image result for pencil drawing baby boy sleeping
but then
Image result for blink of an eye everything can change

Image result for memories losing a baby quotes and sayings

For 39 years we have let
Image result for white balloons in the sky

and messages off 
hoping somehow they might just reach you.

But this year was different ~
we wanted to take the focus off our pain
and bring joy to someone else
so we went shopping
for little boy clothes,
a car, some paci's
and blue socks
and delivered them to the local hospital
as a gift to someone 
celebrating their new baby boy!

Royce Alan
we will never forget you!!!

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  1. Hugs to you and Ron on this day of remembering. I like your choice to give to another little bit. You are kind souls.


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