Saturday, April 29, 2017

Fluid and Flexibility

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I have been told this my whole life!!!

And so I continue to learn how to be


We worked our three weeks on, three weeks doesn't sound like much
21 DAYS!!!
now that's a long time.

We had 19 GREAT days!!!

The 20th and 21st days were a bit crazy!!!

But we made it!!!

We have had lots of changes in our home unit here at
Methodist Boys Ranch
but after the turmoil
we see the 
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Our home has had the same eight boys since last November.
In the past six weeks we have had three boys discharged leaving us with five boys.
Last Wednesday we got a new to us young man who has been on the ranch for quite awhile but due to some different circumstances he was moved into our unit.
1 ~ 14 year old
2 ~ 16 year olds
3 ~ 17 year olds

and anticipating some new changes in the next few weeks.

We have one graduating May 2017
and may be getting another 16 year old this coming week.

Some goodbyes are very hard to handle,
some we breathe a sigh of relief.

Our boys are not bad boys,
but the reality of things is that sometimes
the boys won't work the program,
sometimes their needs are more indepth than what we can handle
but through it all it is sad to see them go.

Sometimes we know where they are going,
sometimes we just know they were released to a different care facility
yet through it all we continue to pray for them.

We have had the opportunity to connect with eleven boys 
since we have been here at MCH.
Some connections have been wonderful,
some very difficult
but the constant through it all is knowing that each of the boys are  
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and for that we give 
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If you think of us,
please say a prayer
asking the Lord
to continue to give us the
love, grace and mercy
we need as we serve HIM
here at 
Methodist Boys Ranch.

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