Tuesday, April 14, 2015

H is for Help!

Day 8 - A to Z Blog Challenge

H is for Help!

and Hurried!

and Haphazard!

and Happy!!

I think the list could go on and on.

Life is feeling very crazy to me and I wish I could clone myself so that I could have HELP to get everything done that needs to be done.

Yesterday a new friend asked me 

What do you do?

And in no particular order this is how I responded:

Love the Lord and so thankful for grace

Bite off more than I can chew half the time

Taking a class on Business Planning…this weeks homework is on Marketing

Whatever my hubby asks me to do

Mom of two boys, 2 daughters-in-love, Grammy to five: Opal 7, 
and four boys: Max 16, Christopher 7, Treyson 3  Alexander 1.5

Volunteer for thing because I know they need to get done


Administrator for Forever Friends

Office Manager for GUMI Camp USA

Go crazy on a regular basis

So now you know why I need


and I feel Hurried!

and Haphazard!

I am truly blessed to be able to do all that I do
and even though like is sometimes crazy
I am HAPPY!!!

I love my life,  I love where the Lord has put us 
for this season of our lives
and I am eagerly anticipating
HIS next blessing.

What about you??

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  1. Hello, stopping in from A to Z and thanks for your continued participation!

    Stephen Tremp
    A to Z Cohost
    L is for Lucid Dreaming


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