Wednesday, April 8, 2015

F is for Food, Fun, Fellowship and Friends!

Day 6 ~ A to Z Blog Challenge

F is for Food, Fun, Fellowship and Friends!!!!


I enjoy cooking
as long as I know what to fix.

Last summer I was blessed with an
electric pressure cooker, like this one,
Image result for electric pressure cooker

and I have made some delicious dinners

Chicken dinner

Another chicken dinner

I have also made spaghetti, chili, ribs

What is your Favorite Food to cook??

Fun & Fellowship

We love to have Fun 
and Fellowship with others is one way we do it

and most recently at
Open Door Community Church
Celebrating Easter



And everyone needs a BEST FRIEND

Here I am with my BESTIE

and I can't wait to see her in just a short six weeks!!!

And two more of our many friends,

Mike & Chris!
They are in Texas right now
but we hope to get to see them soon!!



Our son, Brandon, his sweet wife, Danalyn
from left to right - Christopher, Treyson, Alexander and
Max standing to the right of his mama!!

Our oldest son, Jamie, his sweet wife, Suzanne 
and granddaughter, Opal!

And my Bestest Friend in the Whole World
My Hubby

And that folks is a snapshot 


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  1. I use my pressure cooker a lot too!
    You did perfect, leaving your link on my blog. If it's a wordpress site as opposed to blogspot or blogger site, then you might find this html useful:

    Life with Us ~ The Workentins The HTML code I just gave you will create a clickable link in the comments on a wordpress site, which is at least half the blogs in the challenge.


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