Monday, April 27, 2015

Craziness to the Nth Degree

That is how I describe life for me the last couple of weeks.  

I like doing the A-to-Z Challenge 
but as you can tell I didn’t keep up with it this year…
for many days I was getting down on myself for not keeping up with it.  
 All the while feeling like I was being pulled in every direction known to man. 

So last weekend I closed myself in and did some regrouping, 
let some things go and spent some time reading and praying…
going to the familiar, 
My Jesus who loves me and cares for me and only expects me to be me and nothing more.  

I was so busy allowing STUFF to overwhelm me that I was losing me in the busyness of life. 
So I gave myself permission to not go anywhere and to slow down and get myself organized. 
 I am so thankful for a hubby who loves me and helps me every chance he gets.   
This weekend he did dishes more often than I can count, 
he helped me with a project that needed to be done.  
 And he made me coffee, fixed me bottles of water and made some good meals…
I am so thankful and blessed to have him in my life.

Along with feeling overwhelmed with so many things on my plate 
things were complicated with a computer that didn’t want work, 
our mifi card deciding to go belly up, a printer that wouldn’t connect with the computer…
you know multiple computer issues…
that just added to my frustration and 
feeling like every way I turned was causing more problems and chaos 
than issues being solved. 

So this morning I decided I needed to stop and opened my daily devotion and this is what it said:

In acceptance there is peace.

The prayer with it said:  Lord, I don’t pray for tranquility or that my problems may cease;
I pray that Your Spirit and love would give me the strength to abide in You
during chaos, craziness and adversity.  Amen.

And as I echoed that prayer I felt the peace of Jesus
just cover me and I knew that all would be okay.

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed?   
Who do you turn to when you need reassurance?

Oh, I also stopped and picked up pizza for lunch…
it always helps to eat good ole tasty pizza and not have to cook dinner J

Friday, April 17, 2015

L is for LIFE

Day 12 of A-to-Z Blog Challenge

L is for LIFE!!

As you know I am participating in the 

A-to-Z Blog Challenge

This is the schedule
we are supposed to be following
A to Z Challenge [Letter Schedule] [2015]

And if you LOOK closely you will see that I am supposed to be 
on the letter O
but here I am at


which leads me to 
Image result for life
which is the reason I am 4 days behind
I have faith I will be caught up by this weekend.

At LEAST I hope so.

LIFE has been crazy busy for me
and it is has only been the last week that I feel 
LIKE I am getting a handle on where and
what I am supposed to be doing.

Sundays, Mondays & Tuesdays are usually 
my crazy making days 
as we are usually gone at least half the day if not all day

Sunday is Sunday School and Church
and being with our church family.
We celebrate being involved and a part of 
our church family.  

When we left Blaine, WA Spring 2010
we thought we would be able to 
stop in at different churches along our travels.

Working with the Carnival,

that didn't happen as we worked every Sunday!

And then we went to Texas
Lone Star Corral,
an Escapee park
where we worked for a year.
While in Texas we attended
Image result for first baptist church hondo

We attended that church for over a year
and yet it never felt like home.
We met some nice people
and enjoyed visiting with the two couples that
befriended us, but we were not a part of that church family.

And then we moved to Branson, MO.
We attended many churches and services
but none were home for us.

And last Fall when we began to see God opening doors for us to move to

We found ourselves passing 
Open Door Community Church
and when we actually moved out here in January,
the first time we walked through the doors we felt LIKE
we were at HOME,
all this to say 
Open Door Community Church
is now a major part of our

And we continue to be busy with other 

LIFE activities

Monday finds me usually in Branson for 
Forever Friends

Tuesday finds us both in Branson for my class, 
running errands, having doctor appointments,
grocery know LIFE

which LEAVES the 2nd half of the week
to do everything else LIKE
GUMI work,
Forever Friends responsibilities
new projects LIKE
being a part of a women's conference in September

plus the normal things in LIFE
doing laundry, preparing meals,
spending time with my hubby,
talking with our kids and grands.

So LIFE has been happening.

Hope you keep checking back
to see where the rest of the 
Image result for alphabet

takes me!!!

Where is 
Image result for life
taking you???

Thursday, April 16, 2015

K is for Kindness and Kids!

Day 11 - A to Z Blog Challenge

K is for 
Image result for kindness


Image result for kids

Here is picture that says quite a  bit
Image result for kindness quotes


Image result for definition of kindness

I did something for someone the other day,
it was no big deal to me
but I found out later it meant 
a whole lot to the other person.

Being kind does not cost money or things,
it is just doing the right thing,
saying the right thing,
and acting in the right manner.

Have you shared some kindness today?

and then


Earlier today I was missing my 
a lot.

This is from Fall 2012

and from Fall 2014

These five grands
are the love of my life.

Even though I don't see them every day
nor talk to them even weekly
they are the five most precious children 
in my life.

I love my grands,
and my boys
and their sweet wives
and I can't wait to see them
whether it is on Facetime or Skype
or to hear their voices on the phone.

I just love my KIDS!!!!

I am also blessed with many
"adopted" kids ~
daughter Sarah,
niece Destiny
grand boys Julian, Emilio and Mateo
grand girls Liberty & Lily

and the list goes on and on !!!

all children are special.

If you have a child to hug or to share a smile
then please do so!!!

Loving on kids 
is one of the best ways to show

J is for Joy and a Whole Lot More!

Day 10 ~ A to Z Blog Challenge

J is for 
Image result for Joy

and a whole lot more

Image result for jesus loves me this i know

and from my time with JESUS this morning

Image result for psalm 89 15-16

My JOY comes from the Lord
and we must choose JOY
Image result for joy

As you can probably guess from
my last few posts
I have been feeling overwhelmed,
exhausted, and a whole lot more.

I could probably circle a lot these listed here

and after one night of tossing & turning,
dreams about poop, 
and I mean a lot of poop

and a second night of
dreams that left me feeling
sad and teary eyed

I got up this morning
and started my day at 6:23 instead 
of crawling back into bed and sleeping half the morning away

and turned to JESUS
and His Word.

And JOY 
popped out
Image result for christian joy quotes


and I was reminded by my bestie yesterday
that I have not because I ask not
and so this morning
I asked the Lord for a word that begins with 
you know the letter I am at today
in the A-to-Z Blog Challenge
and when I opened my Bible

the theme for today was

Image result for joy

so that is what I have been focusing on today.

Image result for choose joy

and so I 

Image result for choose joy

What about you ~ do you have JOY in your life?
How do you celebrate JOY?
What brings you JOY?

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