Sunday, February 8, 2015

Our Home on Wheels

We love our home on wheels
and feel so blessed how it came to be ours
and that we enjoy living in it.

One of the best things about our home on wheels
is that we can move it when we want
(well most of the time)
and where we want
(well most of the time)

This morning as I was getting ready for church
I mentioned to Ron that we need to see 
about getting it leveled a bit more.
Since we parked it on 1.13.15
it has sort of settled in and is leaning a bit to the left.

Not quite as bad as this one is...but you get the point.

Once we were home from church 
I noticed Ron walking around outside and pondering.

I called him inside for lunch
and he said he was checking things out
and he thinks we could move the motor home 
around and facing up this way
Facing North towards Mo-Ark Road

But after walking and stopping,
looking and thinking
and realizing we would have a difference of
12 1/2" between the front and back of the rig

It was time to walk around 
and do some more thinking.

And we realized
this general area is probably the most level area
within reach of the power to plug 
our rig in

After much walking, talking, 
thinking, plotting
the decision has been made to move 
our home on wheels
over to the area where the back four wheels 
and our bedroom is in this picture
angled toward the drive-way (loosely spoken)
goes toward the main entrance

And so tomorrow
when Ali is off running errands,
going to Forever Friends,
doing some much needed laundry
(can't wait till the laundry room is built and finished)
and then enjoying our FF Ladies Fun Night

This great guy

will move our home on wheels!!!

Stay tuned for pictures of our new location
(actually only about 40 feet from where we are now)
to show up sometime on Tuesday!!

Hope y'all have a great day!!!

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  1. I think I'll turn my home around, that won't work.


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