Thursday, December 4, 2014

Oh My Gosh...where have I been?

Oh My Gosh...where have I been?

I can't believe it has been almost a month since I last popped in... let me do a bit of an update....

We last left you with us working on moving back into our motor home

and that is continuing

and it is even to look a little like Christmas around here.

Our fireplace which keeps us nice and cozy with Santa & a reindeer keeping watch over our puppy.
 One day in moving things and trying to get organized I gathered all my pens 
(well the ones I knew about)
and put them in this great basket!  
While doing this I said to Ron "we sure have a lot of pens."  
His reply "well I haven't bought a pen or even stole one in a very long time.  
I believe you are the buyer of pens in this family."
Ali's pen collection, or should I say one of my  many pen collections.
 So besides moving into the motor home
I made a trip to Clackamas
to see 
Brandon, Danalyn, Max
Christopher, Treyson & Alexander

While in Oregon
My Bestie made the trip from Birch Bay to Clackamas

Dee and Alice
Thanks Treyson for being such a good photographer
Dee & Alexander along with photo bomber Treyson

Dee & Treyson

Dee, Treyson & Alexander

Christopher eating breakfast before school

Max...he really was there we just didn't get to see him very often :)
But I've herd that's pretty common with teenagers.
 And before I returned to Branson
we celebrated
Thanksgiving together

Treyson coloring on his placement waiting for dinner to get done.

Danalyn wokring on mashed potatoes and Brandon trying to figure out how to cut the bird.

Close up of Treyson seriously coloring his placemat.
He reminds me of his daddy when he was little and would be working on something, the tongue is hanging out just a tad :)

Still working on the bird.3

3 plates ready to be served

Max dishing up his plate.

Gathering at the table.

During meal time.

So thankful to be with Brandon and his family

And then before I knew it, 
it was time to return to Branson.

And get ready for Thanksgiving here in Branson

and continuing to move into the motor home.

Stay tuned.

Oh, one last picture of the 
4 GrandBoys!

and their daddy!!!

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