Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Yesterday was such a beautiful day, not just because the sun was shining but because I was trying to enjoy and be in every moment of the day.  The day was filled with regular Monday morning paperwork, helping a new friend travel through the maze of setting up a new business and then spending over 3 hours with a bunch of girlfriends, sharing our lives and how God is working in our lives.  And being reminded it is okay to BE STILL and in the moment with the Lord when He is nudging us.

Then it was time to get home and get things ready for our 
potluck here in the campground.  I made chicken enchiladas (they didn't turn out the way I wanted them too but they were still tasty), bean and cheese enchiladas and then my favorite cottage cheese, jello, cool whip & mandarin oranges salad...not a bite was left...bummer no left overs.  Also enjoyed at the potluck was a cheese nacho dip & chips, taquitos (not sure how to spell it), guacamole, lots of fresh fruit and a very chocolatey chocolate cake for dessert.

It was a beautiful day and our potluck was held at the upper picnic pavilion.  The kids could play and the adults were able to get in lots of visiting.  We began at 5:30 and some visiting went on till after 8:00 pm!
It was great!!!  We were also able to visit with one of my RV Sista's, Linda C., her friend Ken and Cathy. 
It was lots of fun 

I had a bit of a rough night, still dealing with some indigestion and my phone kept going off due to messages and updates ~ finally about 12:30 PM I just turned it off...I needed to get some sleep.  I woke up at 5:07 this morning...it is so quiet and peaceful...I love this time of the morning when I can sit and read my Bible, talk with God, share my concerns and sit and listen to Him speak to me.

My little devotional book "The Duck Commander Devotional" began with
and the commentary on it said this verse is not talking just about how and what women are to wear but that we, a woman is a gift to our husbands and it made me stop and think about this for a bit...and I realized this is just another reason why I should and need to take care of myself...I want to be presentable and beautiful to my sweet hubby.    I want to be the perfect gift to Ron.  Sometimes I find myself just going through the motions of each day...but this morning I realized each new day is a new and wonderful day for me to be a special gift to my hubby.  A gift that is beautiful inside and out.  Thank you Lord for this gentle reminder, that I am not here just for me but to bless others and especially my hubby.

As I was sitting here just thinking about the Lord, my life and praying for friends and family I found myself thinking and praying for a sweet friend who is going through some really difficult times right now and how I struggled with life during one of my hard times and how the love and care of family, friends, pastor and counselor and the strong love and protection of the Lord got me through some very difficult times I opened my Bible to 2 Chronicles 20:11-17 and these two verses jumped out at me

and gave thanks to the Lord for giving me these comforting verses that my sweet friend is not fighting this battle alone, that Jesus is right beside her, standing tall and supporting her just as He did for me time and time again.  And so I prayed for the Lord to be REAL to her, to bring her comfort, to surround her with family, friends and helpers to stand firm with her, holding her up as she can't do it alone for herself today and also giving thanks for the personal reminder to me that even though I face struggles, like we all do at different times, and we may feel alone in reality we are never really alone especially if we seek God and ask Him to hold us a  little tighter, stand beside us, holding up our arms when we aren't able and that with Him and through Him we (I) can not only get through the day but come out the other side whole and rejoicing in his love.

So as I prepare to "go out in the world today" I ask the Lord to give me opportunities to share His love in one way or another with those I meet along the way.

And if you think about it, say a prayer for my friend ~ that she will feel God's love surrounding her even during these difficult days.

Blessings to each of you reading this.

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