Saturday, September 28, 2013

Max Turns 15!!! Sight N Sound - Joseph

We love new milestones.  
On September 17th, our grandson
Mathew Daniel Marcus Dolata Workentin, 
AKA Max turned 15!!!
We wish we could have been with him to celebrate but it was not to be :(
We heard he had a great birthday.

So we had to celebrate his birthday without him.  We thought and thought and then remembered we had been offered tickets to see Joseph at Sight N Sound and that's just what we did.

Sight N Sound Theater.  Looks like a palace.
 We could not take pictures of the actual show.
The pictures below are of the lobby and different scenes of other shows.

This reminded us of Silver Legacy in Reno, NV where there were light shows in the ceiling.

Ron standing in front of Goliath.

The Lion and Lamb as we were leaving...the picture doesn't do it justice.  It was beautiful and peaceful.

We had a great time.  
We sat down on the main floor, 
next time we would like to sit in the upper section
to see all the action going on around the theater and not just what was on the stage. 

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