Monday, June 17, 2013



That's all I can say.




And I am not sure why???
I have lots I can be doing,
stuff I enjoy doing,
YET I find myself sitting here, 
mind wandering,
listening to the rain fall,
glance outside and it is gray!!!

I could read; I have many books just waiting to be picked up, a Nook waiting to be turned on.

I could write;  I have lots of blog posts running through my head, prompts calling my name, pictures waiting to be uploaded and a story told,
YET here I sit, staring at the computer screen,
nothing really catching my attention.

I could clean the rig, the floor could use a good sweeping,
I could send cards to friends: I have stamps, I like to send cards yet they sit in the basket, waiting.
I could make some phone calls.  I know Aunt Erma and Aunt Joan like to hear from me.
Yet, here I sit.  

I could figure out what to make for dinner, I could make a dessert,
eat a salad or make a smoothie
Yet here I sit.


My eye hurts; it is infected...on eye drops and oral antibiotics, it just hurts.
I want to scratch it but it will only make it worse.
I hate eye infections.  
I have had four eye infections in the last year.
Did I say I hate eye infections!!!



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