Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Have had a quiet and enjoyable day as we begin 2013.  
It began with sleeping in till almost 10 a.m.  
I then made breakfast for Ron - cinnamon bites. 
Also told him don't expect breakfast made every morning in 2013.
 We watched about an hour of the Rose Parade
And did the Daily Reports for work
Then it was time for Football!
Ron helped one of the guests get his camper back on his truck
and then we visited together.
And then watched some more Football!

And then we noticed the propane heater wasn't putting out any heat.  So off to Home Depot to buy a new electric heater (will get propane delivered tomorrow).

And then watched even more Football!!!
And ate some goodies!
Guacamole, chilled shrimp, pimento cheese spread & crackers, onion dip, & chips.

Spanish olives, cocktail onions, summer sausage, dilled corn, and sweet pickles.
And watched some more Football!!

All in all the first day of 2013 has been a great day
How has your day been?

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