Saturday, December 8, 2012

Never a Dull Moment in Our Lives

Life has been crazy and full of different opportunities and then stuff happens. 

Ron walked into the office and calmly said "The Mule Cart just blew up."  I was with a guest who was checking in and just kind of looked at him thinking "oh the starter broke again."  And continued talking to the guest.  After she left, Ron said again "the Mule Cart caught on fire."  And then he told me what happened.  

He pulled into Site 25 to pick up another big collection of leaves that he has been gathering.  And then he saw smoke coming out of the Mule Cart.  He opened the bench to check the engine.  And boom - flames shooting out of the engine.  Ron quickly grabbed a water hose and doused the flames.

This is what was left:

The engine in the aftermath.

Another view of the engine.

Another view.

The back and top.

Another view of the back.

The black lump is Ron's glass case melted into the top of the canopy.

The ? is - are the glasses okay?

Glasses are fine, shirt is a little dirty but the best news is that Ron is okay!

We then towed and pushed the Mule Cart into the garage.  A phone call to our boss, completion of an incident report and back to work. Ron fixed the box trailer to be able to pull it behind the lawn mower so the work can continue.

And through it all we just give thanks to our Lord that no one was hurt, nothing else burned down and we are here to continue with the wonderful life we are blessed with.


  1. Really glad he's okay. Could've been so much worse. Glad his glasses survived ;)


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