Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas at Silver Dollar City

Yesterday the weather was clear, crisp and cool so we decided to head over to Silver Dollar City for couple of hours and enjoy the Christmas scenery.  We had lots of fun ~ hope you enjoy spending the day with us and the sites all around.

First Stop ~ Dicken's A Christmas Story
So hard to get a picture of the two of us - but you get the idea - we were enjoying ourselves.

This was on the head of the gal in front ~ definitely a distraction :)

The the costuming.

A look at Christmas Past.

Ron's favorite - The Ghost of Christmas present.

Celebrating the joys of Christmas.
And then we were off to ~ listen to Tracy Heaston; we also like to watch him at Grand Country!

And then it was time for A Wonderful Life
Clarence getting his assignment.

George Bailey & Clarence getting warm after the near drowning.

George learning how much he is loved.

Clarence getting his wings and the cast rejoicing that all is well with the world.
A snapshot of the Christmas trees & homes throughout Silver Dollar City

Merry Christmas!

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