Saturday, September 15, 2012

WOW - Where have we been? What have we been? ~ Part 2 doing?

August 10-12 is the Annual Custom Car Show and Parade.
This is no ordinary parade....first off it begins at Midnight and had over 400 custom cars.  
Hope you enjoy the parade as much as we did!

 Just had to take a picture of the guy sitting in front of us with this crazy hat!
 Santa & Mrs. Claus

 Loved all the different cars with special lights.

 This car was stopped by the local police (they were very much present throughout the nigh) after they peeled out from a stop.  Many of the parade watchers gave a resounding round of applause for the local police presence.

 Ron was drooling over this one.
 And all the parade watchers now heading home.

Hope you enjoyed the Custom Car Parade!

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