Saturday, September 29, 2012

Neal McCoy ~ August 25, 2012

We received free tickets to see Neal McCoy.  He was playing at the Oak Ridge Boy's Theater.  

What a fun show and great entertainer.  Boy can he sing and dance!!  And interacts with so many of the guests including Wynona who was sitting right in front of us :)
This is the curtain to the stage...we really enjoyed the artwork.

Wynona in front of us.  She was busy taking pictures right along with the rest of us.

Hope you have enjoyed this show!

** Don't know why but am having problems uploading videos to my blog**
(If anyone has a suggestion, please don't hesitate to share.)

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  1. Right next to where you post your pictures, is an icon click on that to post small video. Hope that helps. Enjoyed your blog. We really enjoyed our three week stay in Branson a few years ago.
    Betty from Milwaukie, Oregon


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