Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Today I am Thankful for ...

Today I am thankful for the many blessings of life ...

... a wonderful husband!  We have walked many different roads in 36 years.  We have shared joy & sorrow, laughter & tears, fears & triumphs.  We have moved 34 times in 36 years (not counting all the moves with the motor home:), owned way too many cars, and become the best friends that anyone could want.

... two wonderful sons, two great daughters-in-love, and four terrific grandchildren!!!

... friends, oh so many friends.  Having lived in Nevada and Washington and the Netherlands we have met so many different people who have blessed us over and over with their friendship.  I have Blog & RV'r friends who I have never met in person but I count as friends ~ and we have had the pleasure of meeting in person many of those blog and rv'r friends and our life is richer for that.

... a great church family at Northwood Alliance Church in Blaine, WA.  They have stood by us as we have traveled the into the valleys and up to the mountain tops.  They have prayed with us and for us too many times to count.

... I am blessed to have a great job where I get to work with and meet so many fun people and especially getting to work each day with my hubby.  

Yes, I am truly blessed and I thank the Lord for my life and where I am today. 

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