Sunday, May 1, 2011

Our New Pet!!

We have acquired a new pet.  Not sure if he is a he or a she and a horny toad or a lizard.  
We think it might be a horny toad because it is so fat but the tail seems a little long for a horny toad so really we do not know.  Any one have an idea?

Our new pet lives in our backyard, usually hiding by the patio set that we have been loaned from one of the members.  Let me tell you, I do make sure to move the cushions on the chairs before I plop down in one of the chairs.

We have not named our pet but he/she greets us most days when we come out of the office for lunch.  He/she sits patiently until we get close to the gravel and then he/she takes off on a quick run.  He/she is fun to watch. 

Hope you enjoyed meeting our new pet!


  1. He/she is a Texas Fence Lizard and they are great to have around as they eat mosquito larvae. We have those all around the swamp as well as Anoles. I will post pics on FB.

    How was breakfast this morning? Jerry didn't causse too much trouble did he? :)

  2. Cute pics...I enjoyed looking at your new pet!!

  3. Very cute. You should leave out a small bit of lettuce or carrot for him/her.

    Kevin and Ruth


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