Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Movie Making - Let's see if it works :)

Good afternoon on this cold day in Lewiston, ID.  Ron is busy working on the tow set-up for the Jeep...thank you sweet friends K&J for this wonderful gift!  Pictures to follow later.

I have been trying something today...making a movie in Picassa and now exporting it to the blog.  I thought a movie could capture more pictures so here is my first attempt at making a movie.  The star is MAX! at his basketball game on Monday, January 3, 2011.

Don't worry, there is nothing wrong with your hearing ~ there is no music to this movie.  Need to learn how to do that next.

Here are a few pictures of other things from the game:

A picture of SWEET Christopher!

Christopher not wanting his picture taken.  I wonder if we take too many pictures of the grands?  NO! NEVER!

Christopher looking at Grammy's necklace, Danalyn looking on, & Grammy looking at Christopher.

And what do you think of this head of hair???
 Let me know if the movie works?  Sure hope so.


  1. Yes, your movie worked. I have never used Picasa for movies so can't offer any help on adding a sound track. I use Sony Vegas Movie Studio and have a lot of fun with it. Good luck and your grandsons are adorable.

  2. Those are some great looking grand kids you have. I had hair like that back in the 70's.


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