Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thankful for,..

Today I am thankful for a nice place to stay while the motor home is being repaired.  It is so nice to have a comfortable bed to sleep in, a nice kitchen to cook in, and a beautiful view to see God's handiwork.

Today the sun is shining, the skies are blue and the view of the water is gorgeous.  Thank you Lord for dear friends who share their blessings with us.

We had an wonderful dinner with Patrick, Patricia & Brenda.  It was fun to hear about Skagway and share about some of our adventures with the carnival.  Later we were joined by Keith & Saara for more great conversation.

Today Ron is working at Norm & Kristy's and then this evening we are meeting Addie & Doh at the Lynden casino for $2 Tuesday dinner. 

Wishing everyone a great day!


  1. $2.00 Tuesday Dinner? That sounds great.

    Travel Safe

  2. Sunshine seems to help brighten our outlook on the world. We are having sunshine today, too, after rain yesterday. I'm glad you have a place to stay while you wait for your motorhome to be fixed. I assume you are going to stay in your motorhome while you are selling Christmas trees?

  3. Happy Tuesday my friend.I am happy to have you as a friend!!

    Hugs Cindy

  4. Where is this casino? I want to put it my references so that if we ever get up there again we can inquire about the $2 Tuesday!

  5. Visiting from www.ByGrace.me

    Praying for your motorbike to be sorted really soon, I'm glad you are getting some time to enjoy fellowship in the midst of waiting.
    In His joy,


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