Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thankful for...

Today I am thankful for God's creation!  I woke to beautiful sunshine this morning!  Here are some pictures of God's creation looking out the window of our condo here in Birch Bay.

This is looking out the left window of the living room towards the bay.

This is looking out the window straight ahead.  They are building a new house across the street.  I sure hope the view does not get blocked too much.

Another view trying to see out onto the water.

This is one of my favorites ~ seeing the mountains in the distance and the houses in Birch Bay Village and the clear blue water.

This is from this morning with the sun shining brightly.  I could stare at this view every day, all day long.
 We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful place.  As I drove home from the church earlier today I could see Mt. Baker to my right and then when I turned the corner there was the bay with the water lapping on the shore.  Such peaceful settings.


  1. You have a beautiful view there, Ali and Ron. I'm glad we were able to visit Birch Bay and Blaine a couple of years ago. Your photos bring back good memories!

  2. Oh, sea view! Nice! It looks like a peaceful place!


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