Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Quick Note!

Just have to share - we bought a Wii a few weeks ago and finally got it up and running.

Three days ago, I decided that I could do the Wii from the couch. (I had toe surgery 1 1/2 wks ago so upright movement is not the easiest), anyway, Thursday morning was the first day on the Wii.

I was the ripe old age of 80; Ron was 71 :(

Bowling was pitiful for anyone who knows me - 114 :(

Yesterday I was 79! Yeah I dropped a year! and bowling was 124 - a little better.

This morning I had just 45 minutes before needing to leave to get to the church to work (I am at Northwood but as you can see I needed to share my news first!)

So, first off let's see how OLD I am today - 38!!!!
Then to my game of bowling (I want to work up to 3 games a day) - much better to the way I used to bowl when I was a young thing:) 174!

I will share more, just wanted to share some great news.


  1. Fun!! I have one on layaway for Christmas. I will stop by the church later and see if you are there. I have an avon catalog for you.

  2. I playing bowling when in Phoenix last year. It was a hoot. Have fun.


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