Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Hard Times and Good Times

Today got off to a rough start with the boys.  

I think we were all a bit tired from a late night last night and then jumping into a house meeting shortly after they got up did not make for a good mix.

Add in that Ron and I both had to do about five hours of online training so we would not be out of compliance with our training requirements.

It seemed like once everyone had lunch,
chores got done and everyone had some time to just relax the atmosphere 
seemed to settle down for everyone.

We were also able to have a short meeting with Bossman
about comments the boys were making
and not following the rules about shirts/socks in the common area.

We have a game plan
and that gives us hope.

Image result for hope in the lord

And I was reminded that my Hope is in the LORD ~
not in me.

Thank you Lord for a day that was filled with stressors but ending on a positive note.

Thank you Lord for friends who lift me up in prayers 
in my time of need.

And most of all 
thank you Lord for the 
Image result for peace that passes understanding

the reminder that 
Image result for peace that passes understanding

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