Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I is for...Idea!

Day 9~ A to Z Blog Challenge

I is for 

Image result for idea
which I have...

How about if people stopped being critical of others
and only worry about themselves, 
their children, their spouses,
their jobs

of worrying about everyone else
and what they are doing.

I belong to quite a few groups on Facebook, 
many of them having to do with camping, RVing,
being you get the IDEA?

And in the last few days there have been 
so many posters tearing down one another
because they don't agree with what so and so said or wrote.

And then there are the comments that some 
people leave on friends' pages.

Making light of serious issues
like child abuse, grief, 
mental you get the IDEA??

I received two different emails 
from two different friends
about how hurtful people were being
in regards to some very serious circumstances.

My heart aches for those friends.
I have been hurt by what some people have
written in response to something I have posted when all
I needed/wanted was a hug or a bit of encouragement.

So my
Image result for idea
is to challenge 
each and everyone of you
to find something 

to say to the next 10 people
who you come into contact with...

...what do you say




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