Friday, July 18, 2014

A New Day

I went to see Dr. Steve yesterday.
We had a long discussion about my exhaustion,
he ordered some blood tests,
3 vials later I was on my way home,
should hear from him on Monday.

Came back to Branson View Campground 
to get ready for a potluck.
Our usual's showed up so we have decided to change the name of our potlucks to 
because that's what we are here.
Our family consisted of Ronnie & Teresa, Steve & Diana,
Derrick, Jamie & Liberty along with Ron and I.
(We are all waiting for Lily Mae's arrival).

What a good dinner we had:
jalapeno poppers, macaroni salad, bow tie pasta & veggies,
meat balls and grape salad.
Boy was it 

And then we laughed, shared stories,
watched Liberty lock herself in a cabinet ~ NOT GOOD.
(The cabinet has now been locked so she can't get in it.)

And we enjoyed each other's company
and everyone told Lily Mae
to stop hiding and come out so the world
and US can meet her.
If you think about, say a prayer for a Jamie in her last days of this pregnancy
and for a safe delivery and arrival of Lily Mae.

And then it was almost 9 PM and
time for everyone to go home.
With hugs all around and "see ya tomorrow"
we did a quick cleanup of the Activity Room
and headed to our apartment.

I checked some emails, commented on a few posts
and then decided it was time to go to bed.
As I laid in bed and thought about my day
I set my alarm to get up at 6:00

And I had a long talk with God about the past few days
and asked him for a new beginning this morning
for the feelings of disappointment, frustration and anger
to be gone.  As well as a good night's sleep for me.

And so this morning the alarm went off at 6:00 AM
and I laid in bed for seven minutes and prayed a bit.
Then I got up and readied for the day,
beginning with 30 minutes on the bike.
And 6.43 miles later, 330 calories burned
and with sweat running down my back
I went to meet my Lord.

and met me right where I am today.

In the devotional from The Duck Commander
I was reminded that no matter what I do or say
God LOVES Me!!!
He loves me when I do things right and 
even when I screw up.

And then I turned to Mark 11:25-26
and so this morning
I asked the Lord to FORGIVE me for getting angry,
being frustrated, disappointed and hurt
by the actions or lack of actions of those who 
disappointed me this week.

I know I disappoint people
and I don't like myself when I do.
So Lord I know you can take the disappointment
I feel and help me to love those who
have hurt me in the past, 
especially in the last few days.

Help me instead to focus on my
and remember

and to remember that I don't know 
what's around the corner in this journey of life
but God does.
He tells me in His Word
and so this morning
I begin my day with a happy heart ~
knowing Jesus loves me ~
feeling exhausted ~
doing my exercises ~
and ready to face the day ~
to see what God has in store for me.

So if you are feeling discouraged,
disappointed, confused, angry or whatever


Hope you have a great day
and can find something to

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  1. Thanks for an encouraging post. It was uplifting for me after a particularly difficult week.


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