Sunday, June 9, 2013

Not Perfect ~ Still Struggling

What a week I have had.
Nothing bad happened to me or anyone in my family.
Just struggling.
Crying on a friend's shoulder.
Lamenting what a horrible person I am.
I am such a failure.
Don't Care showed up at my door and started to take residence.
Fell off the track.

And then a devotion stirred my heart.
A scripture verse came to mind.
A note from a friend arrived in my email box.
God nudged at my heart.
Received hugs from a sweet friend.
Hubby held me and let me cry.
Reassurance that all is not bad.
Got back on the path.
Picked up my Bible.
A song reminding me of love & friendship played on.

God is so good.   
He meets me right where I am.
He holds me close.
Reminding me I am his princess.
Reminding me I am the daughter of the King.






 Thank you Jesus for loving me and not letting me go.
Thank you Jesus for all I have and need.
Thank you Jesus for being patient with me
Thank you Jesus for always being here even when I wander.


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