Thursday, June 13, 2013

Is God Enough?


God says over and over in His word that He is enough.
He will provide ALL I need, not necessarily what I want but what I NEED!

I read a devotional the other day, sent to me by a dear friend titled "God Are You Enough?"
I know in my heart God is enough
But do I really trust him to be enough?

When ...
...a friend betrays me is God enough to comfort me?
...someone I love dies is God enough to get me through my grieving?
...someone hurts me is God enough to ease the hurt? bills seem overwhelming and no money is forthcoming do I trust God enough to meet my needs?

Is God enough?  Will trust Him completely and totally?
Wasn't I reminded just a week or so ago about having faith the size of a mustard seed?

Then I remembered a time I was sitting on the couch in Pastor Charles' office expressing my fears of Jamie being in Iraq.  How those fears were paralyzing me day by day.  And he asked me "If the worst thing happens ~ Jamie gets killed in Iraq, would God be enough?"  
I couldn't imagine what my life would look like if something happened to Jamie?  What if something happened to Ron and I was left alone?  Would God be enough?

Yes either of these situations would be difficult, hard to deal with, hard to go on, hard to move forward BUT it would be okay BECAUSE no one can take Jesus away from me.

Yes I would make it through the worst of the worst, it may not be easy BUT


As I continued reading God reminded me to
so to answer the question I started with
Is God Enough?

Yes, Yes, YES!!

God is Enough for anything I face,
anything I have to deal with,

P.S.  Jamie returned safely from Iraq in March 2005.
And for that I give THANKS to God for keeping him safe 
And teaching me to continue to trust HIM!!

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