Sunday, December 23, 2012

Celebrating 37 Years of Marriage!

We celebrated 37 years of marriage on 12/20/12!

We went to one of our favorite shows here in Branson
Grand Jubilee at Grand Country

The Emcees ~ Jim Dandy (aka Jamie Haage) & Michael Patrick
New South ~ Jason, Trey, David & Marc

The Grand Band

Many faces of Michael Patrick ~ top left and top right ~~ playing the piano, reading the Christmas Story, bottom two shots - candid emcee shots

Jackie Brown

The many faces showcasing the many talents of Jamie Haage

Elvis or Trey ~ not quite sure.

New South doing the YMCA and Jackson 5

We had a lot of fun and enjoy interacting with so many of the cast.
Special thanks to Mike Patrick & Jamie Hagee for making our evening extra special!

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