Monday, June 6, 2011

Just Thinkin'

Just thinkin' and not really thinkin' of anything in particular.

We had a good weekend.  Saturday, friends Don & Mike took us along with Hank & Euona out for lunch to Rocky's in Devine.  When we first pulled up we thought maybe they were closed as the OPEN sign was not on. Hank got out of the van and went to see if they were open.  The door opened and after about 10 seconds motioned for us to all come inside.  And so we did.  We had a great time and the food was delicious.  Ron and I had shrimp fettuccine, Don & Mike had chicken parmesan w/spaghetti, Hank had Tuscan chicken and Euona had a hamburger with onion rings & fries.  We laughed and talked for over two hours.

After we returned home we had to make a trip to Wal-Mart to see if we could get Ron's glasses repaired.  They fell out of the case when he was getting into the Jeep on Friday.  The glasses could not be repaired but we were able to get another pair of frames that his lenses fit in, and all for only $9.

Back home I did the never ending job of laundry.  Four loads!  How can two people generate so much laundry in two weeks??  In the evening we watched some TV and did some cleaning in the motor home.  That leads me to the next question...where does all the dust come from?  It seems like I sweep every day and there is still dust everywhere!

Sunday morning we slept late...I was thinking when I got up that I was fighting some type of bug ~ I just didn't feel like my perky fun self.  In the cleaning up of our rig I found our coupons for Costco and realized that yesterday was the last day of the coupons.   So off to Costco and San Antonio.  That trip took us over 4 hours!  But we don't need any groceries for quite awhile.  Whew!! Going to Costco is not my favorite thing to do but one of those necessary things we have to do.

In the evening we did some reading and watched a couple of Dateline episodes and then off to bed.

This morning I woke up feeling a little under the weather but readied myself for work.  The morning was busy with getting things ready for the CPA and catching up the mail from the weekend.  At lunch time I found myself taking a short nap.  After lunch my tummy started acting up and I kept getting cold chills.  Decided I needed to stay home this evening instead of going out with the gals from the park.  I took another two hour nap!!  

I woke up thinkin I wanted to write but couldn't think of anything to write about so this post is what you get :)

I do hope y'all have a great week.


  1. It sounds like you have the little bug that is floating around.You should be feeling better tomorrow.

    That is awesome about 9.00 glasses..I never get out under

    We went to Canton this weekend for my nephews graduation.When we got home yesterday we had a surprise..My daughter from Abilene and her family are in for the week.Her hubby just got home last Tues from Iraq..and he wanted to come here...we are home to him.Then daughter Lori will be here this coming weekend for a wedding and we are babysitting.

    I need some I love to see them..but I am soooo tired and this isn't good for me..this heat or this much activity..I need to re-coop.I am sure I will..eventually.

    How are you doing with the heat..welcome to Texas..I hate it..I could so live in Oregon!

    Hope you get to feeling better soon.
    Hugs Cindy

  2. We'll take what we can get. Since you've been feeling so lousy, Ali, I'm amazed that you were able to write a blog update. Hope you feel better soon!


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