Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ramblin' Thoughts

Want to write, just don't know where to start.  

First off I want to say thank you for all the thoughts and prayers when I was sick earlier this week.  I had decided Wednesday night if I was not feeling better by Thursday morning I would be making that fateful trip to the ER.  I know lots of prayers were said because I felt so much better Thursday morning.  Each day I am feeling a little better and for that I am so thankful.  I still have the cough but my chest does not hurt and I am sleeping well at night.

Today has been a day of mixed emotions.  We found out early this morning that one of our community members here at Lone Star Corral passed away.  Mae was 89 and a very sweet lady. She had not been feeling well and went to the hospital on Monday evening.  Late Wednesday evening she was transferred to ICU and very early this morning she went home to be with Jesus.  Once we heard the news Ron went and put the park's flags at half staff.  They will stay that way until her memorial service.  Mae was a sweet lady.  She always came in to the office to say hi and see how we were doing.  She was one of the ones who had really made us feel welcome here.  I didn't know her very well but I will miss her morning greetings.

I can't say enough how much we are enjoying it here in Texas.  Though I do miss seeing our kids and grandkids and all our friends.  We have been able to Skype a couple of times with Brandon and his family and that is always fun.   The other night when we Skyped as soon as Christopher got on the computer he wanted to talk to his Grandpa.  What am I chopped liver???  It was fun to listen to Grandpa and Christopher talking.  Christopher wanted a kiss so Grandpa kissed the camera and Christopher just giggled and giggled.  He has the sweetest little laugh.  Then we talked to Max for awhile.  We are excited as he is coming to spend a couple of weeks with us this summer.  We gave him an assignment.  He has to find 10 things to do within a 100 mile radius of D'Hanis, TX.  And then he has to email us his list by June 1st.  We told him we weren't promising to do all 10 but it would give us an idea of what he would like to do.  

We know we are going to go to the Alamo and the Riverwalk in San Antonio and hopefully to a rodeo in Banderra (there are three scheduled to happen while he is here).  Not sure what else we will be doing but we know it will be fun.

Tomorrow we are going into Sabinal (about 12 miles from here) for the Wild Hog Festival.  I have the camera on the charger so will definitely be writing a post about that on Wandering Workentins.

I just looked outside and the sky is beautiful this evening.  There are streaks of light orange with blue.  As I look out the window of the motor home the view is framed by two big oak trees, at least I think they are oak trees, full of lush green leaves.  It is a serene, peaceful picture.

I am missing writing but I just can't think of what to write about.  If you have any questions or ideas please don't hesitate to share them with me.

Wishing you each a great day!

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  1. Ooh, a Wild Hog festival. Sounds exciting! ;)

    So sorry to hear about Mae. Is Lone Star one of the Escapee parks that has a care center, or did Mae live in an RV? What a nice gesture to lower the flags for her. Good for Mae for helping you to feel welcome!

    I'm so happy to hear that you are finally better, Alice.


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